This barefoot massage technique will help improve posture and movement, while relieving pain, improving bodily functions and creating a state of well being.  Known as “the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet;” this relaxing treatment uses deep compression and long flowing strokes.

A relaxing and therapeutic massage for pre and post natal clients. Helps reduce anxiety, aches and pain. Massage during pregnancy decreases stress level, which leads to better sleep/rest, a smoother labor and helps prevent anxiety and depression during pregnancy and post labor.


A holistic healing method to stimulate full body health; involves pressure and massage of the reflex points found on the feet. A great foot massage after a long day on your feet! Can be incorporated to complement a massage or body treatment, or on its own.

A very light to no-touch energetic massage perfect for stress reduction and calming the mind, body and spirit. Energy work administered throughout the body to help maintain balance and release energy blockage. Can be incorporated to complement a massage or body treatment, or on its own.

Shiatsu *

A Japanese form of acupressure therapy. Pressure is applied by hands, fingers, and arms to improve energy flow and circulation, while restoring proper balance of Chi energy to the body.

A massage with deeper pressure that focuses on problem areas including specific work used to treat sore or tight muscle groups. Incorporates deep compressions and stretches to stimulate circulation and relax the muscle and its attachments.

“Do yoga, without doing the work!” An invigorating massage that not only initiates more circulation throughout your body, but also increases flexibility, range of motion, and energy flow. This massage technique releases tension by using deep compressions and stretches in a fluid, continuous motion. Performed on a floor mat.

A calming massage comprised of long flowing strokes and comfortable kneading to increase circulation; with a personalized touch to work out knots and loosen problem areas. Pressure is adjusted according to each individual client, from light to medium.

* Please wear loose fitting clothing.