Azumi Massage is the "Talk of the Town"!
Feedback from actual clients*:
LizaDawn R. ~ Bay Area, CA    7/1/2010

Katie is AMAZING. I do not give this compliment lightly. I'm a fan of spas and massages so I'm a bit particular (it really is the pits when you get a mediocre massage.) Rest assure, that is NOT the case with Azumi Massage.
Just like the other reviewers, I had never had a Ashiatsu massage before and didn't know what to expect. Katie was very conscientious of pressure so she made sure to check in with me throughout the session (without it being disruptive). I knew that it was a great massage when I knocked out as soon as it was time to turn on my back. I think I might have even snored.
I was THAT relaxed.
Spas and massages are my weakness. While Azumi Massage is housed out of an athletic club (FYI so you're not surprised it's not a spa setting), you feel so at peace and relaxed while you're in the room. It is also evident that Katie has a gift and we're all very fortunate that she's sharing it with the masses!!

roger C. ~ Alameda, CA      6/29/2010

I saw Katie Ng at Azumi today and her work was amazing. I had never had Ashiatsu before and I was very impressed.  Katie's feet wore soft and strong and turned me into mush. I have been a massage therapist for 10 years and she is one of good ones. I will say however that I found the atheltic club she works in to be a bit noisy and walking out I to the main lobby after my treatment was a little shocking. Katie made up for that. I'm  lookng forward to gettng another session with her.

Sara O. ~ Castro Valley, CA       11/3/2009

I've seen Katie at Azumi Massage twice now.  The first time I went in for Swedish Massage, and the second time I had an Ashiatsu Massage.
Katie gave one of the best Swedish massages I have ever had.  She has really strong hands and great technique.  
I'd never had an Ashiatsu massage before, and I was really impressed.  Basically, Ashiatsu is a technique where the massage therapist uses bars mounted on the ceiling and does the massage with her feet.  Katie was extremely sanitary (which meant that her feet touching me wasn't gross at all) and very professional.  It was an amazing massage--super deep and relaxing.  I usually don't care for the leg portion of a massage (I like the back part the most) but I have to say: this was amazing and made me love the leg portion just as much as the upper back!
I would highly recommend Azumi Massage to anyone looking for a wonderful massage.  Her rates are EXTREMELY reasonable, especially for someone who is VERY good.

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